Gloria Hotel, Dubai believes in promoting green living and hospitality, “through the eyes of the children” who are the next generation of travellers. The hotel is located in the bustling heart of Dubai, and works each day to demonstrate to guests, business partners and others how to protect and preserve resources for the future.

For its efforts in sustainable management, Gloria Hotel has been awarded Green Globe certification for a second year. Supporting this certification, Gloria Hotel has accumulated a long list of green achievements.

Gloria Hotels and Resorts Area General Manager, Mr Freddy Farid, said, “To me a leader is someone who holds himself or herself accountable, as sustainability is no longer about doing less harm, it’s about doing more good for our environment.”

Gloria Hotel’s key indicators show the property is succeeding with its commitment to environmental protection for future generations. A 4% reduction of the hotel’s carbon footprint (per occupied room) has been achieved and 59.8 tonnes of CO2 emission have been offset. Overall the hotel has saved 11% of its energy usage, along with water and gas use down and by 8% and 2% respectively. And a 142% improvement has been gained in the volume of materials being recycled.

Gloria’s success can be attributed to the hotel’s Green Globe Team Members & Champions who drives the green initiatives and sustainability programs. The team has regular monthly meetings to discuss and implement different environmental programs. It also does a monthly internal Green Globe audit and communicates within departments for implementation and updates. For the Green Team Members, doing good also results in feeling good, with a 6% improvement in staff satisfaction recorded on the Colleagues Staff Satisfaction Survey.

The Green Team also coordinates regular environmental and sustainability training, with 100% of hotel employees attending programs mandated under Green Globe certification. These awareness programs include: Child Exploitation; Disability Awareness Program; Sign Language; Health & Safety; Safety & Security; First Aid; Environmental & Sustainability; Energy Saving; and Natural Disaster Management.

In addition to the hotel’s internal programs, Gloria’s management and staff participate in community programs including Clean up UAE and Blood Donation as well as supporting the Rashid Charity Center and many other activities on a monthly basis.

Staff at Gloria Hotels and Resorts are also educated in minimising the use of resources and as well as reducing waste. Printing of paper documents has been greatly cut with most documentation digitalised. A 12.18% reduction of paper usage (3525 reams less of paper ) was seen in the past year, which also resulted in a financial saving of AED 33,135.

Gloria Hotel’s guests are also part of the property’s commitment to the future. The hotel actively communicates is green activities via newsletters, in-house TV, signage and other channels. Guests are also offered green alternatives such as a Green Meeting option, which uses no linen and a room set up designed to lessen wastage of food and beverage. Overall the Food & Beverage department, along with guest awareness, has managed to bring down food waste across the hotel’s outlets by 44%.