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3 Modules For a Complete Environmental Performance

Energy & Water Module

The second budget after manning in hotel is energy & water. This module helps hoteliers to visualize their performance with new meaningful KPIs and make the best decisions for saving.
Your property has its own particularities is in terms of meters, output, types of cooling or heating, type of building, number of pools, etc … Our data entry will be tailor-made to consider all data specificities and our monthly, quarterly and annual reports will highlight opportunities for savings.

Waste Module

We consider that waste is a valuable asset and it can even generate profits if this is well managed.
All waste categories have been regrouped with their possible disposal method, helping hotels to structure their waste monitoring process and creates a visibility on the progress.Indeed showing improvement is key for the teams motivation to segregate more.

Carbon Module

Hotel Corporate clients are more and more assessing the environmental performance by the CO2e reductions targets and achievements. Would you know how your property performs? Would you be able to report to your clients following a robust methodology?
Hotel Optimizer has developed a complete module that provides all the steps required for a complete carbon assessment.



You may have engaged some good initiatives to reduce your impact in Energy, Water, Waste, Carbon. You may even generate savings. However what you may not realise is how much more savings you could generate. We compare your property with similar buildings in similar areas in similar climatic conditions, to compare the Energy Use Intensity (EUI) is the kWh/Sqm, integrating proper Energy Reference Area (ERA) and the specificities of your property. Ready to compare on a monthly basis?

Genuine Performance

We often hear … how can I have an ‘apple-to-apple’ performance evaluation? The Genuine Performance is a unique algorithm developed by the Hotel Optimizer team and appreciated by a large number of hotel chains and owning companies for its transparency. It provide the true performance of the property after accounting for all the variables impacting the consumption of energy and water being occupancy, guest nights, F&B covers, banquet covers, fitness guests, employees, temperature, cooling and/or heating degree days, laundry use, change in area.

Corporate Quarterly and Trend Reports

Corporate Positions need a systematic tool to assess the performance of the properties in a minimum of time and while being secured of the accuracy of the data. As Hotel Optimizer enables to evaluate fairly and identify the weak and string properties in each area of energy, water, waste and carbon, this provide a full comfort and the corporate office is more focused on creating programs to support and mechanisms to ensure savings are delivered.

Annual Trend Reports

Planning for your upcoming year and looking for the best options to generate additional savings?
The Hotel Optimizer trend reports are designed to provide you indications on which areas to tackle first based on the existing performance, in all areas of utilities, waste or carbon. The C-Suite reports serve as an excellent base to set targets, develop action plans.

Graphical Reports

Our reports all come with graphical representations enabling to identify in a click the areas of progress and areas of improvement. Without overloading the reader, we have selected only the KPIs that enable to provide a new and meaningful angle of reading.

and other sustainability services

Optimization Solutions

FARNEK is the leading solution provider for optimization of energy, water and waste for hotels in the Middle East offering valuable services like Green Globe Certification, Energy Audits, Energy Performance Contracts (ESCO) but Waste Audits and Carbon Management. Our approach is based on individual needs of individual hotels but also creating strategic path for hotel chains and Tourism bodies.

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